Many FDCPA  cases can often be handled with no charge to the client.

The Law Office of Jerry Jarzombek, PLLC represents consumers, whether we have to file a lawsuit against a debt collector or creditor, or whether a lawsuit has been filed against you. The status of your case, the strength of your case and other factors, including my ability to obtain attorney fees from the Defendant, will determine whether you will be charged, and how much you will be charged. The Law Office of Jerry Jarzombek, PLLC also bills for legal services on an hourly basis, on a contingency basis, and on a flat fee basis. Hybrid retainer agreements which include more than one form of billing are also available. We will work with you to come up with the best payment program that fits your needs and the requirements of your specific case.

Client Satisfaction

The Law Office of Jerry Jarzombek, PLLC is committed to excellence. We have the optimal result of your case as our goal – nothing less will suffice.


The most important factors in choosing an attorney to represent you are legitimate experience and the quality of the attorney-client relationship. Litigation often entails emotional peaks and valleys for the client. The Law Office of Jerry Jarzombek, PLLC is sensitive to these client issues and makes every conceivable effort to treat clients with the highest degree of respect and care.

Financial Disaster

Our clients are most often reeling from some major financial impact or event. As consumer advocates, we recognize that part of our job is to ease your mind and explain the process, understanding the delicate situation you’re faced with. Litigation is often confusing, particularly when consumers are gripped with a devastating financial disaster. When you’re at the cross roads, The Law Office of Jerry Jarzombek, PLLC is your map that will lead you down the correct path, as well as light the way on your journey so you fully understand your options and your case.

Unparalleled Scholarship

Jerry Jarzombek possesses the very highest credentials in connection with consumer protection law. He incorporates the finest computer legal research into his practice and he emphasizes integrity and professionalism in protecting client’s interests. At the same time, he has a keen ability to attack and expose the weaknesses of the opposing position with great zeal and devotion.

Balanced Attack

Jerry knows when to try a case and when to settle. Some law firms will push for trial despite weaknesses in their case – simply to attempt to “hit a home run” and achieve the highest possible attorney fee award. Jerry will not hold your case hostage for my attorney fees. He will not let your case go on for years of litigation when a reasonable resolution is available. Similarly, if your case is strong, and an opposing offer is weak, your right to a trial will not be ignored.

Communication is Paramount

Jerry understands that feedback and updates by phone, e-mail, or letter are of primary importance to his clients. You will be apprised of the latest status of your case, at your convenience, and your questions regarding all aspects of the legal process will be answered. Jerry can provide regularly scheduled, individualized client meetings if necessary, to assure that our clients are as current as he is on the progress of their case.  Jerry will personally guide your case to its conclusion.

Taking the Guesswork out of Litigation

Mr. Jarzombek has extensive experience with virtually all creditors and debt collectors. Knowledge of their tendencies, objectives and litigation styles will facilitate prompt analysis regarding your specific situation, and lead to a winning game plan.

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